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In 2012 alone, Peninsula Packaging used over 3 BILLION recycled 20oz water bottles in the production of various food packaging products. That means we have:

  • saved enough electricity to power 15,952 homes for one year
  • reduced greenhouse gases by 64,804 tons
  • taken the equivalent of 11,464 cars off the road
  • diverted over 42 million pounds of plastic from going to landfills into packaging products.

Peninsula Packaging is the largest consumer of recycled drink bottles used for packaging in the United States.


Peninsula Packaging owns and operates the largest privately funded photovoltaic (solar) “farm” in North America. 3,888 solar panels located adjacent to Peninsula’s Exeter, CA facility generate 1.1 megawatt of power per day providing a significant portion of the power used in the production of Peninsula’s packaging products from clean, renewable energy.


Peninsula Packaging’s products are routinely tested by a third party laboratory to verify the post-consumer recycled drink bottle content, as well as insure the use of recycled plastic materials conforms with FDA standards for direct food contact.

See Peninsula’s commitment to recycling and how we use RPET in our Wilson facility: