At Peninsula Packaging we specialize in working with brand owners to bring high value, time sensitive productsto market. Our expertise in the design, development and production of primary packaging is essential to create a finished “consumer ready” product ready for sale in retail and food service locations. The markets we serve are produce, bakery, food processor, confectionary, convenience (grab-n-go) and deli.

Peninsula Packaging is recognized as a leader in sustainable business and manufacturing practices, with a commitment to recycling millions of PET bottles annually, therefore diverting them from the landfill. We are the largest single user of recycled washed bottle flake (WBF) in North America, converting this material into food-contact quality products for re-use by our customers. Our commitment to making a difference extends to solar energy — Peninsula Packaging owns and operates one of the largest private solar panel “farms” in North America, producing up to 1 megawatt of power daily directly from the sun.

We understand the importance and value of well designed products.
The ability and scope to supply customers is our objective.
We have built an impressive range of custom products.
We are the largest consumer of recycled drink bottles in the US.